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Japanese cooking specialist & nutritionist

Yasuko Imabeppu


Born in Japan, Living in Tokyo


I am trying to think of healthy recipe that is gentle to your body based on the idea to receive balanced nutrition from foods.


Using knowledge as a nutritionist, I publish books, write articles for magazines or newspapers, appear on TV and give lectures about "health and tasty".

I also give some special lectures at cooking class sponsored by the government or local government. Besides, I am developing promotional recipes for enterprise. Since 1989, I have started to involve with recipe production, cooking and food coordination in the field of woman's magazine and food photographing. Since 1999, I have started to work on rice flour recipes triggered by my daughter's wheat allergy.

My healthy recipes have a reputation for its gentleness to everyone's body receiving balanced nutrition from foods that can easily cook using familiar foods and cooking equipments.

Yasuko Imabeppu