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Gluten-Free Rice Flour Healthy Recipes

This is a book to show you recipes using gluten-free rice flour.

Creative recipes shown in this book using natural and healthy foods including soy products like tofu are well amino-acid balanced and helpful not only for those who have wheat allergy or celiac disease but also for those who want to have healthy food life. There are 71 recipes for meals and sweets including "10 reasons for encouraging rice flour" in this book that definitely helps you everyday cooking.


Grill - Cooking

Cheese Pizza
Petit chou hors d'oeuvre (2 types)
Pot-sticker (dumpling) made of gluten free rice flour
Salmon sauté
Pork sauté
Seafood miso (bean paste) gratin
Chicken rice casserole
Herb beef cutlet
Baked green peppers stuffed with creamed corn and string beans

Deep fry - Cooking

Vegetable chips
Vegetable chips salad
Shishamo smelt (capelin) salad with Japanese sweet and peppery vegetable sauce
Summer vegetable fritter
Fried chicken
Crispy fried chicken
Rice flour fritter of onions and potatoes
Herb fried white fish
Chicken nugget
Fried potato salad rolled in ham
Two colors fried swordfish

Stew - Cooking

Rice flour white stew
Beans curry
Corn potage soup
White sauce on baguette
Rice flour white fondue

Boil - Cooking

Potato gnocchi
Pumpkins dressed in gnocchi cream sauce


Rice flour tube cake
Cake with caramelized pears
Gateau chocolat raisin
Tofu cheese cake
Apple cake
Orange bread
Pear cake
Apple Down rice flour cake
Blueberry cake tart
Chinese citron tart cake
Strawberry cake roll made in a microwave
White Christmas cake
Rice flour brownie
Peanut brownie
Rice flour pan cake with spinach
Japanese mustard spinach pan cake with apple compote
Rice flour cookies (cut cookies)
Rice flour cookies (icebox cookies)
Oatmeal cookies
Snow ball
Soft almond biscuit
Hot biscuit
Rice flour mini scone
Peanut biscotti
Fried rice flour donut
Sesame beignet
Fried sesame dumplings with sweet potato
Fried banana cornflakes
Chewy strawberry jelly
Rice flour cake sale with asparagus
Rice flour cream puff
Fruit omelet
Clafoutis of peach and mandarin orange
Dried fruit cake
Yoghurt soufflé

Cold sweets

Rice flour blueberry ice cream
Fruit soda pop with rice-flour dumpling
Orange soufflé


Olive bread like focaccia
Garlic bacon bread

Recipe using commercially prepared rice flour noodles.

Cream past with shrimps and squids
Ethnic rice flour noodles salad

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